Monday, 21 November 2011

From the ancient Igford archives...

Following an enjoyable talk with the 2nd Year BA Games Design students at Swansea Metropolitan University in their Level Design seminar last Friday, it was felt that some older Igford-related material should be shared with regards to the setting and environment of the game.

A representation of Igford (incorrectly titled here as a city - Igford is actually only a town) and the village of Much Haste on the Glencorwyn Peninsula in northern Caledonia.

The Igford Annual Steam Car Derby takes place on a number of point-to-point races throughout Glencorwyn, starting at the crossroads at Much Haste and ending in Igford town, which is where the game's title comes from. The race is - quite literally - from Much Haste to Igford.

The town of Igford, the Upper Igford Valley and Glencorwyn are much more sprawled and larger than suggested in the illustration above, which was produced as an initial visualisation way back in October 2009.

This image also features Castle Igford, the ruins of which stand on an isolated scrap of land just off the shore, connected by a very old stone bridge. Castle Igford was originally going to be a feature in the 2010 Igford demo but was removed after the project was scaled down. However, with recent developments it may be possible to finally take a steamcar trip to it... or through it - watch this space!

'Much Haste to Igford!' © Evil Corporation Games

Friday, 18 November 2011

Igford character Update: The Major

The final Much Haste to Igford! playable character has been announced today: The Major!

The Major: Outrageous Windbag

The Major (as he insists on being referred to) is loud, abrupt, and eager to share his stories of battle and exploration with anyone who stands still within earshot for long enough. He lives in an old inherited manor house on Highbrooke hill with his trusty (but utterly ineffective) guard dog, Sargeant. However, the Major can more often be found in the Ruhmkorff Inn in Lumsden, scrounging beverages from locals who aren’t clever enough to avoid him.

He talks proudly and frequently of his expeditions and exploits in Aikanaland, though many people who have heard his lengthy tales of improbable exploits wonder if he has ever been – and question if Aikanaland even exists.

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'Much Haste to Igford!' © Evil Corporation Games

Monday, 7 November 2011

A minor news update

Due to some entirely necessary time-travel experimentation and some of the Igford development team having to make an unavoidable last-minute expedition to the colonies, this week's scheduled Character Update will be delayed by approximately another seven days.

Do not despair, citizens of Caledonia! Keep your wireless or telegraphic devices switched on to receive future Igford updates!

'Much Haste to Igford!' © Evil Corporation Games

Friday, 4 November 2011

Igford Character Update: Albert

Another Much Haste to Igford! character has been announced today: Albert!

Albert - Long-Suffering Husband

Albert is Hyacinth Hepburn-Allsopp's mild-mannered husband, a timid man who has aged beyond his years due to the strain of being married to his overbearing and demanding wife.

A reasonably successful man in his youth, Albert inherited the Hepburn & Sons Engine building company from his father in Callaburgh and enjoyed a comfortable life, eventually meeting his wife-to-be and promising her a life of leisure.

With his carefree and comfortable life now a distant memory, Albert has become little more than a chauffeur and source of income for Hyacinth - and is expected to do his duty by his dominant spouse to drive her custom-built steamcar to glory in the Igford Annual Steam Carriage Derby - by whatever means are necessary.

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'Much Haste to Igford!' © Evil Corporation Games