Monday, 25 January 2010

25 Jan 2010 - Still rough, but getting there...

Following the unexpected success of implementing XxXdanceXxX's basic Humvee into the UDK, it was time to try it with a custom vehicle of my own creation.

This was important not only because I need to have my own vehicle in the finished game, but also for getting used to setting up a vehicle in the editor, which is no quick task.

As before, this tutorial has been so useful in learning a basic step-by-step setup of wheeled vehicles in the UDK:

After a little tweaking and some initial hiccups, i'm happy to say that the vehicle worked - more or less. Compiling the code each time seems to bring up slight issues that shouldn't be possible - exiting the vehicle will crash the UDK on some occasions, but not on others (the code itself remains unchanged). Still, I have a very, very basic test vehicle running around in-game which will allow me to do some course planning and testing... once i've scaled it down a bit.

Here is the basic animTree for the test steamcar:

And here's a screengrab of the (very) basic custom vehicle in the editor.

Here's hoping some real progress can be made from now on!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

21 Jan 2010 - Success! The method works!

Following tutorials to create custom vehicles in UDK have so far proved fruitless and confusing, with many methods half-finished, badly explained or outdated. However, a little tinkering and late night browsing caused me to chance across an update in this thread:

Forum member XxXdanceXxX has made a basic 'Humvee' vehicle for the UDK based on the in-game Scorpion, and kindly submitted source files, found here:

This was a far simpler, stripped-down version of a vehicle plus its script, so it was easier to understand how vehicles function in the UDK. After an hour or two of following a tutorial from another fantastic source ( I was able to get dance's Humvee working in-game.

Progress at last! And a big thank you to all those who helped on the forum along the way!

Monday, 11 January 2010

11 Jan 2010 - Urban Growth in Igford

I've spent the last week modelling scenery for Igford. It's good to get back into modelling and texturing. It's all good practice for UV mapping and these simple, symmetrical buildings will be a good introduction to getting back into a good workflow for when i'm tackling much more complex models.

I'm becoming a little more ambitious with the architecture, but more importantly, i'm getting a lot quicker. The Boiler house (top picture) was modelled, UV mapped and textured in a single evening (helped by the fact that I'm recycling textures from some of the other buildings).

Friday, 8 January 2010

8 Jan 2010 - A Place to Call Home?

Following the completion of the 3D Viaduct a few days ago i'm on a bit of a modelling/texturing binge - the first time since April of last year. These are relatively simple models with basic UV maps that took about two days to do from scratch. I'm hoping as I make more models i'll be able to improve my efficiency.

Redbrick working-class Terraced house (with extended base for uneven ground). I'm really happy with the texture on this model. The coloured brickwork was inspired by Victorian buildings around Digbeth in Birmingham.

The 'slum house' is just a slightly modified version of the redbrick house, plus new textures. both of these houses will be used

Sunday, 3 January 2010

3 Jan 2010 - The Construction of Igford!

The new year has started, and as i'm not really feeling up to any heavy-duty brainwork, I thought i'd make a start on modelling some of the assets for the game. I satarted with what I thought would be a simple one, but turned out to be a little more complex than I thought: A viaduct.

I decided to make this a modular asset, so that I can build multiple viaducts of varying lengths. Making the model itself in Maya was not that difficult but I made the mistake of UV mapping the most complex part of the arch first, which involved a lot of restructuring the UV for the on/off ramp sections (that have no arches). So, the drive to avoid brainwork ended up in a different kind of brainwork.

Still, it was a good way to get back into modelling and UV mapping - better to get accustomed to it now than much later on when i'm pressed for time and probably panicking!